"The job done by UNILOGG was of paramount importance in our project, ensuring that the goals were accomplished by logistics and customs procedures on the import of our machinery."

Fernando Costa
Director / Chairman of the Energy Candeias


"The service provided by UNILOGG was essential to the financial equation of the project; in addition, we also count on the quality of the services, with deadlines met and daily information."

Ricardo Dratovsky
Former Senior International Buyer/GDK SA


UNILOGG combines multiple skills and resources to plan and manage all services in the logistics chain in order to better serve each client. Below are some success stories.

Case 1: Global Engineering

Imports of Candeias Energy Plant – UNILOGG did all the logistics for the import taxes of the Plant. These include: technical description of all equipment, tax classification, as well as getting the EX TARIFÁRIO for most equipment what benefits the client with a significant tax reduction. Working together with the Freight Forwarder and Candeias staff and engineers, UNILOGG created integration and synergy that optimized logistics.

Case 2: GDK SA

Import of a Natural Gas Plant (Plant of São Francisco - Bahia) – UNILOGG helped them to get the EX TARIFÁRIO tax deduction, providing savings of 15%, what generates an economy of approximately $ 2million.