UNILOGG is a company that has national and international partners, which enables the transaction of any type of goods through air and sea transport, safely and effectively.

UNILOGG provides more efficiency in the import and export processes, promoting economic gains, security and convenience to the customer.


  • Assistance in preparation of logistics projects;
  • Supervising the unloading of cargo;
  • Oversees the unloading/ unpacking of the cargo;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Accompaniments of customs inspection services and related procedures;
  • Programming for the removal of the cargo in the terminals;
  • Comprehensive evaluation in case of accidents;
  • Guarantee the return of empty containers to the terminals;
  • Allocation of transportation for Project Cargo;
  • Reports with photos.
  • Freight quotes and shipping rates;
  • Programming for the removal of empty container in terminals;
  • Programming for the removal of cargo from the factory;
  • Schedule for delivery of cargo terminals;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Tracking survey of the IRS and other authorities;
  • Oversees the shipment;
  • Reports with photos.